Photoluminescent Products for Stairs and Stairwells

Stairwell Safety

There are no seconds to waste when you need to evacuate people safely. What's your solution when the evacuation is at night or without power? Get people out quickly and safely using these no-power, photoluminescent markings along handrails and stair treads and on signs and doors. Illuminate the way to a safe exit.

Clearly See Exit Stairs, In Total Darkness

When you work with us on your building egress system, we plan out the precise photoluminescent products you need for important stairwell fixtures to be highly visible and immediately recognizable in an emergency. Light up the entire pathway to safety with these eco-friendly, no-power solutions.

Stair Tread Solutions
Keep people moving quickly in stairwells with high-traffic stair tape or sturdy stair treads on every step.
Handrail Tape Markings
Together with photoluminescent stair treads, glowing handrails show exactly how to get out quickly and exit safely in an emergency.
Floor Level Placards
We will help you select the best floor level signage options for eachlocation. Stock or custom. Varying sizes and colors. ADA accessibility options like Braille are available.
Wayfinding Markings
Help people find the nearest exit, and then show them the way along corridors or on stair landings.
Critical Equipment Location Indicators
No-power, glow-in-the-dark signs like these make finding critical equipment and avoiding obstacles possible in complete darkness.

Warehouse Elevated Walkways

Phoenix Municipal Courts Building

Engineering Safety for the Las Vegas Stadium