No-power, Illuminated Exit Signs for Any Structure

Exit Signage

With only seconds to evacuate in an emergency, people need clear and visible pathways to safely exit your building or facility. But what if the emergency happens at night during an electrical power failure? Traditional exit lighting is reliant upon electrical power. We have failsafe exit signage solutions, because our photoluminescent signage and markings require no power.

Means of Egress Signage Components

Every building design requires a different combination of photoluminescent products for a luminous egress system, including exit signs, directional signage, evacuation maps and wayfinding markings. Luminous Egress will assess your facility’s egress system needs and install the necessary IFC code-compliant illuminated solutions to guide people to safety to the nearest exit in an emergency.

Exit Signs
Designate exit doors with glow-in-the-dark signs.
Directional Signage
Indicate the safest way out with universally recognized symbols or arrows that glow in the dark.
Evacuation Maps
Post custom, glow-in-the-dark evacuation maps that show the path of egress to stairs, doors or critical equipment.
Wayfindings Markings
Illuminate the path to the nearest safe exit in darkness or smoke.

Warehouse Elevated Walkways

Phoenix Municipal Courts Building

Engineering Safety for the Las Vegas Stadium