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April 12, 2022

City of Phoenix

Phoenix Municipal Courts Building

Retrofit in 4 stairwells to direct occupants to safety and keep justice system detainees secure
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City of Phoenix

An effective emergency exit system will always direct people to the nearest exit. But that was complicated for Luminous Egress when designing an emergency egress solution for the Phoenix Municipal Court building at 300 W Washington Blvd in Phoenix, Arizona. At the Phoenix city courthouse, there were particular public safety concerns to accommodate because building occupants include members of the public, city and court employees, as well as justice system detainees.

Luminous Egress designed a photoluminescent egress system for the building’s four stairwells to direct court personnel and employees safely down the eight above-grade levels. The system also guides occupants in the private offices for various court departments housed in the building’s varying basement levels up to street-level exits. And for detainees at the court, there was specific routing to the court levels to also secure the safety of others in the building.

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