Hallway Safety Solutions

Hallway Egress Solutions

At night or during a power outage, our photoluminescent hallway marking products guide building occupants through corridors to stairwells or exits and out to safety. No backup power sources are needed. Illuminate the path out. Save lives.

Find Exits Fast in an Emergency

Save critical seconds in an emergency by illuminating the hallway to direct people to the nearest exit. We work with you to identify which of our photoluminescent products are needed for each corridor or walkway in your building to keep people moving in the right directions. Our goal is to help people and first responders locate fire extinguishers and exits while avoiding dead ends, wrong turns, and disorientation in an emergency.

Perimeter Tape
Mark each hallway perimeter with photoluminescent egress tape to help occupants find the way to the nearest exit.
Running Man Directional Signs
The running man is a universal symbol to indicate the direction to an emergency exit. No language necessary. We have a complete selection of photoluminescent running man sign sizes, designs with or without exit words and directional arrows, and wall- or ceiling-mounted styles
Exit Door Markings
In an emergency, the bright markings make this an unmistakable exit door. Your building occupants need visible exits under extreme visibility conditions, like smoke or total darkness. Plan to mark non-exit doors as well.
Exit Signs
Most buildings need a variety of exit signs to indicate direction, proximity, location, and type of exit. Our large selection of door and wall signs covers many sizes and colors and can include directional arrows, with our without printed words like “Final Exit”, “Not An Exit”, “No Exit”, “Entrance Only”, “Exit Only”, “Alarm Will Sound”.
Evacuation Maps
We will help you select the best floor level signage options for each location. Stock or custom. Varying sizes and colors. ADA accessibility options like Braille are available.
Fire Extinguisher Locators
Using the same photoluminescent technology, illuminate the location of fire extinguishers so building occupants can fight back flames and protect themselves.

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