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Phoenix Skyharbor Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor Tram System

Design for low light-emitting solution to safely evacuate passengers from elevated tracks
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Phoenix Skyharbor Airport

There is a tricky balance at the world’s airports to design lighting systems that allow ground crews to work around the clock but that do not interfere with pilot visibility. When Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona built its Sky Train tram system, which debuted in 2013, the airport authority needed an effective means to illuminate emergency exit pathways along its 2.4-miles of track without adding light distractions for pilots. The airport authority turned to Luminous Egress for a low light-emitting solution that comprises photoluminescent signage recharged by sunlight to eliminate dependence on electricity or other backup power sources.

If a Sky Train tram were to lose power and become stuck along any elevated portion of the track, passengers would have to step down off the tram to the track level to exit. To facilitate a quick, panic-free evacuation, Luminous Egress recommended photoluminescent directional arrows every four feet to indicate the nearest exit point for passengers and the driver. The solution also includes glow-in-the-dark demarcation ribbon to illuminate the numerous cable trays and crossover supports that could otherwise impede a safe evacuation.

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