Reduce Risks for Firefighters with Greater Visibility

Solutions for Firefighters

Increase firefighter safety and personnel visibility with glow-in-the-dark gear labels or tape. Customizable photoluminescent labels, magnets and bands stay illuminated for hours and display the firefighter’s name, rank, unit, company or department. Help first responders overcome disorientation, visibility and accountability in total darkness.

Photoluminescent Solutions for First Responers

Firefighters don't have a moment to lose. Even in total darkness, they need to keep track of their exit path, watch out for each other, and transport tools and equipment within the building. They need self-illuminating identification labels and markings that make everything quick to locate.

Adhesive Strips and Grip Glow Tape
Photoluminescent grip tape gives wet or dry tool handles a non-slip grip surface. Wrap tools and emergency equipment, like ladders, switches and valve handles, with our photoluminescent grip tape to glow in smoky or dark conditions. Adhesive glow-in-the-dark tape resists high temperatures and glows for hours. Self-adhesive. Multiple colors available.
SCBA Facepiece Glow ID Labels
Quickly and clearly identify each firefighter by name, unit, department or crew using glow-in-the-dark SCBA facepiece stickers. Glow for hours when fully charged. Fit G1, Interspiro, ISI, MSA or Scott brand face masks. Customize up to 14 characters; multiple lettering colors available.
Hard Hat and Helmet Light-Emitting Glow Bands
Improve visibility and increase safety for fire crew members, maintenance employees or operations personnel in smoky or dark environments with these illuminating helmet glow bands that emit light. Made of industrial-grade silicone to resist high temperatures. Glow for up to 17 hours when fully charged; rechargeable repeatedly using any type of light. The brighter the light, the brighter and longer the bands will glow. Multiple colors available.
Helmet Rocker Glow ID Labels
Quickly identify individuals by rank or role, even in total darkness. Apply these photoluminescent rocker/crescent stickers to any style hard hat or modern/metro style firefighter helmet. Rocker labels glow in the dark for hours when fully charged. Various colors and ranks available. Two high temperature-resistant, self-adhesive stickers per set.
SCBA Tank Tags
Photoluminescent label keep firefighters’ portable oxygen tanks visible at night or in poor visibility conditions and help to identify crew members, especially when several fire companies respond to an emergency.
Do-it-yourself Photoluminescent Epoxy Kits
Add a photoluminescent coating to the mechanical, safety, operations or firefighting equipment or gear of your choice with this DIY epoxy kit. Use to outline obstacles or direct people to emergency exits with glow-in-the-dark, paintable epoxy. Recharges even in low natural or artificial light.

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